The Joseph Generation (The Journey) - Overseer Marc Crowley

Gen 37

The “Joseph Generation” is a remnant of the people of God who have dared to dream the Fathers’ dream of ruling and reigning. Because Joseph is the product of Jacob and the love of his life, Rachel, he like his mother has vision.  Josephs’ brothers hate him because of their inability to see. (This is the difference in the Leah Church which is blind and the Rachel Church which has vision.)  As Joseph dreams, and yet dreams again, each dream is filled with another level of authority and another process.  It’s the dreams that initiate the processes he must encounter.

Everything that Joseph experienced was part of his process.  Each stage, brought him closer to the fulfillment of the dream. Joseph did not give up because he was dreaming the Fathers dream. His promotions, looked like setbacks, but they were part of the fullness of time.  Had Joseph been put in the pit before he was, he would have missed the midianite traders.  Had he gone to jail before he did, he would have missed the butler and the baker.  Understand that the butler and baker are not haphazardly placed, but are essential to his destiny.  Joseph interprets the dreams of the butler and the baker.  The butler is restored and the baker is hung. The baker, the bread maker is dead.  And those of us who are part of the “Joseph Generation” must gain strategies from heaven as to how to make bread.  With the economic instability, we must learn how to make bread. We must deal with the processes that come alone with carrying the oil (anointing).  On this journey, you will be hated because of the Fathers vision in you. You will face compromising situations that test your maturity. You will be  publicly rebuked, privately celebrated and at times, left for dead.

Are you part of the “Joseph Generation?”

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